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Story of the Lost Bird

This week we came across a nice spiritual analogy of Jesus while reading through some Heritage House material. We thought it would be a nice story to share with others too!

NOTE: Text derived from Heritage House '76, Inc. Earn While You Learn, Module B2. Image created by Arielle Namenyi, A.N. Christian comics.

The Lost Bird:

"There was a man who did not believe in God. He simply could accept that Jesus was God’s Son. His wife explained it to him many times, but he rejected it. One night he was sitting in his den before a crackling fire as a storm raged outside. He was startled by a thud on the window. A little bird, seeking shelter from the storm, slammed itself into the window again and again. His heart broke for the bird, and he found himself saying, ”Go to the barn; you’ll be safe in the barn; go to the barn.” The little bird became more frantic. The man wanted this little creature to find safety so badly, but he knew the bird couldn’t understand him. “If only I could become a bird; I could lead you to the safety of the barn.” No sooner had he thought this than he realized that this was what God had done when He sent His Son. This is what Jesus did for us. Through Jesus, God became a man so he could communicate His love for us and His plan for our salvation."

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