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FROZEN... Bad For Kids?

FROZEN… Bad For Kids?

Since November 2013, Frozen has been the rave for children and adults everywhere. It seems like we’ve heard the song “Let it Go” one too many times. So one has to ask… how good is this movie for my child?

I’ve had this conversation with parents before. Some were saying that the message in “Frozen” isn’t suitable for Christians, especially the rebellious lyrics to the catchy song “Let It Go”. Others say that it’s just a cartoon and is cute and fun for kids. For me the answer is black and white…

Being a cartoonist, I mostly watch animated films, and I am extremely picky concerning the quality of animation, storyline, and character development. I am always watching my cartoons with a critical eye, and there’s not that many that really “WOW” me. Don’t get me wrong, many of the features I love, but there are only certain ones that, after watching, I just sit back and think “Wow. That was amazing.”

To tell you the truth, Frozen was one of them. As I was watching it for the first time, throughout the movie I thought “amazing animation, great characters, and songs like the Renaissance Disney movies… but it’s still just OK”. It wasn’t until the very end when the movie showed its core message when I sat back and thought my “Wow”.

From my perspective, it seems like almost all the Disney “princess” movies had too much guy to girl “love” in it (whi