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The Empty Egg Easter Story

Yesterday my husband and I watched a video our cousin Attila Nyari made in Hungarian. My husband would often pause the video and translate for me (I'm not fluent in Hungarian :)). I thought it was a sweet story and would like to share. This is my own words to the story taken from what my husband translated for me last night. Hope you enjoy. If you understand Hungarian feel free to watch the video at:

"One year as an assignment for the Easter holiday, a school teacher decided to assign a special project for her class. She provided each child with an empty plastic egg and told them to take it home and put something inside their eggs that represented what Easter meant for them. The next day they would share with the class what they had put inside each of their eggs.

As the teacher was passing out the eggs, she came to one boy in her class who usually never did his homework or ever cared about assignments. She almost thought if it was worth it to even give him an egg, but she did so anyways.

The next day, the students gathered in class and began to share what they had put inside their eggs that represented Easter for them. One put a flower inside that represented spring and the renewal of life. Another had a family picture that represented a time to spend with family. Others had little candies or chocolate bunnies that represented the fun and sweetness of Easter.

Then the teacher came to the one boy whom she doubted would even complete the project. He opened his egg and there was nothing inside. Dissapointed, the teacher made a comment about the boy not completing his assignment. Taken aback, the boy explained to her that he most surely did.

For him, Easter meant that the tomb was empty because Jesus rose from the grave, conquering death. The empty egg symbolized the empty tomb, which was what, for this boy, Easter was all about."

-Adapted by Arielle Namenyi

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