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12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Arielle Namenyi’s “The Pony Express”


Here’s a list of a few things that went into the making of “The Pony Express” that you probably didn’t know:

1. “The Pony Express” graphic novel took a little over four years to complete.

“The first character design sketch I made for Dodge after starting The Pony Express project is dated back to August 18, 2009. The last page in the book was finished on December 16, 2013. If you’ve created comics you know what I mean when I say A LOT of work goes into creating a book like this.”

2. The very first drawing of Dodge was created in 2003 when Arielle Namenyi was just 13 years old.

“I would always love to just sit in my room and create characters. And every time I created characters, I would always come up with a quick background story for them. I always loved the history of “The Pony Express” and thought it would be cool to make a “movie” poster of a palomino mustang and make it look like an ad for a cartoon called “The Pony Express”. This horse didn’t have a name yet, but his background story was that he got separated from his rider as a pony express horse and became lost, trying to find his way home. When deciding what story to start with when creating my graphic novels, God reminded me of that picture and I pulled it up and used that as an inspiration for the