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The Parable of the Pizza


My husband shared a parable God gave to him and I thought it would be nice to post for my blog.

“There was a man who decided to make a pizza. He gently tossed the dough, sprinkled different toppings on top, and baked it in the oven.

Once the pizza was ready, he cut slices to share with others. Some people recieved slices that were slightly burnt and did not have that many toppings on it. Some received slightly raw, thick dough with

many different toppings on it. And then there were those who receivedslices that didn’t have too little or too many toppings, and wasn’t burned or raw.

The interpretation of the parable is this:

We as Christians are all different one way or another. There are those, like the burnt slices with not many toppings, that feel more righteous, tough, and strong in the faith because they are the hard core burnt part and don’t have too many different ”toppings” in life but try to keep things very simple. Then there are those who are like the slightly raw, many toppings slices. They are soft and are open to others, willing to listen to others’ opinions and are involved with many things in their life. The slices that are in the middle are jus that... there are those who try to keep a more conservative life like the burnt slices, but try to stay open as well.