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Cecily's Closet

Today I want to talk a little bit about an awesome organization called "Cecily's Closet". Cecily's Closet selects children with disablities to have a full on room make over. The organization runs by loving donations of funds, material, and time. Cecily's Closet was started by an awesome woman named Rachel Ackerly (2nd top right picture: Rachel on left and me on right). Here's an excerpt from their website: "After the birth of our precious Cecily, our lives were changed forever. We strive to empower Moms and Dads of children with special needs (and their equally special siblings) to become advocates and angels without wings. We hope our work provides strength and support for those families who are working hard to ensure that their children with disabilites are happy, healthy and achieve their full potential." Thanks to the Lord through my Sister in Christ Rachel Toth, I came to know about this organization and have been working with them as an artist since 2013. I can do nothing but praise God for Rachel Ackerly, the organization, and so many awesome people willing to share love with other famalies who are going through difficult times. These are a few photos of two different rooms I worked on / contributed my art to. To learn more about Matthew's room, visit: To learn more about Emely's room, visit: Cecily's Closet website: Cecily's Closet FB page:

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