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Pray For India

Since my husband and I signed up to support a child and a missionary through Gospel for Asia, we have been recieving the GFA newsletter. It's so encouraging to read how God is working in so many hostile villages in India, spreading His power and love to those the world looks down upon.

I would like to ask if you would also remember to pray for our Brethren in India, that God would keep them strong and shower His love upon them. There is much persecution to Christians in many parts of the country, but because of our Indian Brothers and Sisters being so faithful and daily walking into the "battlefield", many others have come to know Christ because of their sacrifice.

Gospel for Asia is a great organization, and may God continue to bless and spread His word through it. For those of us who are not called by God to evangelize, we can still support those who are by financially providing for their ministry. We encourage you to take a look at Gospel for Asia's website and if the Lord leads you, to even sponsor a missionary or child. Our experience has been nothing but blessings! Visit:

May God be with you all and please remember India in your prayers, as well as our own country and many others who our in desperate need of prayer. God bless!


Arielle Namenyi

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