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-Contestants are accepted from ages 7-18


-Limit one story per person

-Your story must be typed and sent either as a WORD document or PDF

-Your story must be Christian based containing a focus on a particular teaching of Christ (example: serving

others, unselfishness, etc.) and at least one Bible Verse that coincides with your story.

-Your story must be written as a childrens book (no excessive writing)

-Each paragraph in your submission will count as one page. Your story needs to have 12 pages. No more, no less.

-Your story MUST be your original work. No copying or adapting an existing story. Young children are welcome to have help with writing from others, but the story has to be original.

-Make sure to include the title and name of your book at the beginning of your story


-Email your completed story (WORD or PDF file) to: anchristiancomics@gmail.com


-Also attach a picture of you (the author) that WILL be posted publicly should you win.


-Enter "Writing Submission" in the Subject bar of your email

-IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL include your:
-Full Name
-A short description of your story
-A short explanation of what inspired you to write your story


By submitting to this contest, you agree to:


a. Grant Arielle Namenyi (owner of A.N. Christian Comics) the full and irrevocable right to print, post, use in any manner, alter (minimal), and distribute any stories submitted, as long as credit for the story is mentioned of the submitting author.

b. Grant Arielle Namenyi (owner of A.N. Christian Comics) the full and irrevocable right to publicly post author photo that is submitted along with story, as well as age, name, and residing state and city.

c. All content submitted to contest is eligible to be posted and used publicly by Arielle Namenyi (A.N. Christian Comics) excluding contestant email addresses and residential addresses.

d. You agree that should you win this contest your story will be illustrated by Arielle Namenyi. All artwork and illustrations will belong solely to Arielle Namenyi, and the images will be prohibited from being copied, reproduced, altered, or used in any like way unless with written permission by Arielle Namenyi. This will ONLY apply to the images and not the story.


The grand prize winner will receive an official ANCC Writing Award, have their story illustrated by Arielle Namenyi and receive their very own printed version of the book, along with having their book posted on the A.N. Christian Comics website to share with everyone!


We looking forward to reading your story!



We will begin receiving submissions starting June 1, 2015. The deadline for submissions will be August 1, 2015. The contest winner will be announced September 1, 2015, and will also be personally notified through email. 

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Congratulations to Our 2015 Writing Contest Winner!

We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has entered our 2015 writing contest! It was hard to chose from the great submissions we recieved, but after much prayer we were able to choose a winner for our 2015 writing contest.


We're happy to announce that the story "A Heart of Faith" By Samantha Nikolson, has won our 2015 writing contest!


Samantha has won our Grand Prize of having her book illustrated by Arielle Namenyi, printed in book format along with an official ANCC award, and having her book published online on our website.


Read about the author below and see her book, A Heart of Faith, fully illustrated by Arielle Namenyi.

Congratulations to Samantha Nikolson,

Age 8,

from Ladera Ranch, CA!


Book Title: A Heart Of Faith


"This is a story about my heart, and the surgeries I had.

I wanted to write this to help other kids." - Samantha Nikolson



Click the Image to Read the Book