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Hear what people have to say about "The Pony Express" by Arielle Namenyi:

Pony Express is a Christian themed comic-style novel by author/artist Arielle Namenyi. Dodge is a mustang on the Pony Express line when his young rider, Trey, becomes injured. Dodge regards Trey as his brother and goes, as instructed, on his mission to get help. He comes across the vain and arrogant Akmal, the Arabian stallion who trusts no one and certainly not humans, and Rocky who has almost given up on life. Dodge enlists them both on his mission and promises Akmal a safe place to live if he will help. The three unlikely friends encounter all sorts of thrilling adventures and dangers, and at the same time learn about themselves, friendship and loyalty.

Namenyi has a combined gift for story-telling and art. She has produced a marvelous story here and its presentation as a comic story is appealing to young readers. The plot is very well thought out with plenty of tension, wonderful humor and action. I like the way the Biblical message of not seeking vengeance, handling those who wrong you, forgiveness, and being there for others weaves naturally and unobtrusively into the story. This is not easy to do without making it a ‘preachy’ book, but the author has achieved it brilliantly here - making the story an entertaining read with a powerful message for all children.

The illustrations in Pony Express are wonderful and depict the characters and the plot perfectly as it unfolds. I love the horses’ different personalities, and the way their adventure enables them all to grow and learn about themselves and each other. Perfect for the Christian market, but a fun and entertaining book for all children.

-Reviewed By Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite

Review Rating: 5 Stars



“The Pony Express is a fresh, visually engaging story that brings the reader into the world of the Old West.  It is full of adventure and fun, but also shares insightful reflections about the characters which speak to the heart of the reader.  Beautifully illustrated with Biblical truths and historical themes woven throughout, it is a wonderful addition to the Christian young adult literature landscape.  A highly recommended read!”

-K.N. (Author, Choosing to Suffer Affliction, 2006) 



“I finished reading your book, The Pony Express. It was very action-packed and made me want to keep reading. To tell you the truth I couldn’t put it down. At first I wasn’t sure how this was a Christian story, but when I read the notes at the end I really appreciated the analogical aspect of it. I really enjoyed it.”

-V.A. (Pastor)



“The Pony Express  is the best comic I ever read. I’m your number one fan.”

-J.N. (Age 11)



“I just finished reading The Pony Express. It was really good. I can’t wait until your next book... can I be one of the first test readers for it?”    –L.I. (Age 12)



“I bought The Pony Express for (my niece) as a Christmas gift. After opening it, she went off on her own and left all her other toys and was absorbed in the book. She loved it so much she read at least a couple of times by now.”

–C.T. (Aunt)



“I loved The Pony Express so much! I read it, like, 5 times. Akmal is my favorite. He’s really easy to draw. I draw him all the time.”

-E.H. (age 8)



"Your book, The Pony Express, was really great. I couldn’t stop reading it.”

–Z.N. (Father)



“(Our daughter) couldn’t stop reading your book (The Pony Express). I was so surprised. She doesn’t even like reading, but she couldn’t put your book down. She just kept laughing out loud while she was reading. She just loves it!”

–C.B. (Mother)



“My sister bought one of your books (The Pony Express) as a gift for my son (age 13). When he first saw it, he said “This book is for kids”, and he doesn’t even like reading to begin with. But when he opened it up and started reading, he couldn’t put it down! I’ve read it too and I love the style and the story. The art style totally reminds me of Disney style, and I think it’s great! You’re such a talented artist!”

–B.S. (Mother)



“Arielle Namenyi’s The Pony Express, a graphic novel is rich in astounding illustrations, colorful characters, and an adventurous, well written tale. The pulse-pounding suspense as Dodge and his unlikely friends race against time to save his human rider and reach their goals keeps you turning the pages and wanting more. The challenges the three face is splashed intensely through the pages as they learn to work together, and become a brotherhood. The spiritual input is wonderful! I can’t wait for more from this this phenomenal author.”

-A.P. (CPT. Author, Click it to Rip it, 2014)



"The Pony Express is really funny. Akmal is my favorite horse. He is really funny. I read your book about 10 times." -L.B. (Age 7)



“Amazing and excellent book by an incredible writer! A one-of-a-kind Christian comic, perfect for children of all ages!”

–Amazon Review (5 stars)



“GET THIS BOOK U WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!! This book is so amazing! It's about horses and adventure but it has a moral and is a Christian book!!! U must get this book! Once you read it you can't stop!!!!! :) :) :)”

–Amazon Review (5 stars)



Absolutely love this book! I love the characters and the story line and the awesome art! The author really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat and wonder what's going to happen next. I recommend this book for young and old alike. I like it how the story is analogically Christian based and the biblical connections are listed at the end... so even if your not a Christian you can just read the story for the story. I also like how the author twists in the actual American history of the Pony Express. Thumbs up!

-Barnes&Noble Review (5 stars)



"I recently had the chance to review a book by Sister Arielle Namenyi. What a delightful book it was! Our 6 year old boy enjoyed it thoroughly and I loved the Biblical references throughout." -E.W. (Editor of Christian Newsletter)




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