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Every time you purchase a product from A.N. Christian Comics, funds are donated to The Little Hands Orphanage in Tectate, Mexico. Read below for more information about the orphanage project:

The Need:

Mexico lacks a government-run foster system. Due to this, the impoverish, abused, and neglected children resort to the streets for a solace that will never come. Mexico City alone has over 25 000 homeless children! Although these children seek peace and rest, they quickly realize only hunger and the cruel hands of society await them. Many resort to petty theft and prostitution for survival. Along with that, in an effort to numb and temporarily escape their physical and emotional pains, many of these children turn to inhalants which  cause terrible long-term effects to their brains and bodies. 

The Provision:

Little Hands (called Manos Pequeñas in Spanish) is a newly developed orphanage which belongs to the Apostolic Christian Church- Nazarean.  The property for this orphanage was purchased in October of 2014. Our goal is to have multiple children placed in family settings, where each would have a mother-father figure in the house and learn how a family unit functions and grows.




At Little Hands, it is our goal to shine the light of Jesus Christ into the hearts and souls of needy children. We reach into their lives and ease the burdens and pains that life has dealt them while showing them Christ’s love and helping them realize there’s hope for the future. We do so by providing a stable, secure, and Christ-centered home-life; A home in which they have their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met. It is our desire to raise up godly children who are well equipped physically, mentally, and spiritually to face adulthood as independent, well-rounded, and proficient individuals.




Our desire is to mentor young children and help them to grow to be leaders in their community, their church, and in their homes. We will help them to:


-Be effective listeners, and follow through with what they learn.

-Have a heart for others, and humbly minister to the needs of the less fortunate.

-Be responsible mothers, fathers, and providers.

-Work towards building a better Mexico, with a bright and promising future.



 2.   We want to equip these children (with God’s help) to be independent and powerful presences in the workforce. This includes teaching them both English and Spanish, encouraging them to excel in school, and helping them to grow up with knowledge in technology, home economics, and trades. It is our hope that they will have plenty of experience in all these areas while they grow together with us at Manos Pequeñas.


3.  We want to show others what the love of Christ can do, in hope that others would also feel called to reach out to the needy, and be used as His hands and feet. It is our prayer that God can use us to reach others outside of our home.


4.  We want to provide a safe environment for the children and work teams alike; one that is pure, wholesome, and refreshing. May each child and person to ever set foot in Manos Pequeñas feel enriched, filled, and equipped to fill the world with the joy it is so lacking.


5.  We want to provide child sponsorship opportunities.




Our decision-making guide is God’s Living Word. In all things, we wish to glorify and honor Him. We also know that in all things, if we keep Christ at the center, it will be well with our souls. Realizing that all we do is only possible through His provision, we consult His Holy Word as we set our guidelines.

Psalm 146:9

The Lord preserveth the strangers; He relieveth the fatherless...


For More Information, Donations, and Current Updates, Feel Free To Visit The "Little Hands" Orphanage website:


Panoramic View Of The Orphanage Building And Maintenance Quaters 

View Of The Property From Orphanage Hiking Trail

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